Hadassah Lynch


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Hadassah Lynch is a motivational speaker that loves teaching Christian education, dedicating time to youth outreach, and serving in various forms of ministry. She desires to remain a voice for millennials and seeing the nation turn back to God.

Hadassah is an active member at Emmanuel Restoration Center in New Castle, Delaware. She
serves as a Youth Minister and Praise and Worship Leader.

Hadassah was born and raised in Parkersburg, West Virginia. She attended Marshall University and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She is currently at LIM College obtaining a MPS in Merchandising and Retail Management. She has spent years ministering at conferences, schools, churches, and community events.   Her love of faith, fashion, and music have created what we now call Dassdevotions and Dassdevotions Academy. She desires to devote every gift back to God.